Trails to Walk, Bike or SNOWSHOE

Explore over 25km of trails in all four seasons!

Page updated: TUESDAY FEBRUARY 19, 2024. Updates to occur when conditions change.

  • Wye Marsh's hiking trails are OPEN from 9 am- 4 pm. Trails are either wet or icy, depending on current temperature.
  • Ski Trails will not be groomed this winter due to fluctuating temperatures and snow conditions. Those with their own skis are welcome to use them under this understanding.
  • Temporary Trail Closure: John Lucas ID Trail, due to dangers associated with damages to trees caused by the Emerald Ash borer

For trail descriptions and maps, please see below. Updates to occur when conditions change.


Hiking Trails

Explore both woodland & wetland trails, featuring the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence forest region and a provincially significant wetland (cattail marsh).  The majority of our trails are hard packed and suitable for a variety of assistive devices, strollers and wagons. 

Bike Trails

The Upper Red Trail, Molehill Loop and Forget Loop are used as biking/hiking trails.  These trails are for more experienced riders that are interested in a mountain biking experience consisting of some sandy areas, root covered trails, and some steep hills.  If you are looking for a more tranquil touring biking experience then the Tay Shore Trail (paved 'rail trail') is the trail for you and it is less than a 5 minute bike ride from our parking lot.


Snowshoe Trails  

In addition to all of our regular hiking trails the Graham McDonald Snowshoe Trail is available exclusively in the winter months ~ and is perfect for snowshoers!

Winter Snowshoe Rentals 

Guests are welcome to bring their own snowshoes, or you can rent a pair from us. We can equip visitors weighing 40-250 pounds with traditional or modern snowshoes for prices listed below. The 2023-2024 rental season will begin once we have enough snow to enjoy the sport!

 If you are wearing your own, or renting from us, please wear water resistant, comfortable, flat sole boots. 

  • Traditional Wood Snowshoe Rentals: $5.00 + HST
  • Modern aluminum/plastic snowshoes $10.00 + HST


Cross Country Skiing at Wye Marsh!

Please note that the ski trails WILL NOT BE GROOMED IN 2024 due to fluctuating temperatures and snow conditions. Those with their own skis are welcome to use them under this understanding.

Wye Marsh has over 25 kilometers of beautiful trails to explore. While the conditions may be rough ~ as the trails are cleared of obstacles and left ungroomed ~ guests are welcome to venture out on their own cross country skis.

Please Note: Ski rentals are no longer available, and dogs are not permitted on our ski trails. 


The Wye Marsh is pet friendly and welcomes pets to the marsh on leashes. 

We ask that pets do not enter the Birds of Prey area, Swan Landing, or walk along our ski trails.

Please stoop and scoop: Please use the Visitor Centre's pet waste disposal bin, located on the back patio. Thank you!