Badge Days at Wye Marsh

Struggling to find ways for your small pack of Girl Guides or Scouts earn badges? No worries! Our Wye Marsh Bade Days are specially designed for you. 

Badge Days  accomodate small groups unable to meet the  20 participant minimum for most programs. If you have a large group (20+) please consider registering for your own day program. Information for day visits can be found at Scouts Guides Booking Request (

Our knowledgeable naturalists will lead participants during short programs that are designed to fulfil specific badge requirements. Participants can earn up to FOUR (4) badges in ONE (1) day - depending on enrollment. 

Please register two-weeks in advance. 

Badge Day- Registration form  HERE

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Costs to participants (adult supervisors are free excluding rental fees)

  • 1x 1hour: $10.00/person
  • 1.5hours: $12.00/person
  • 2x 1 hour: $15.00/person
  • 3x 1 hour: $20.00/person


possible winter Badge Day Schedule

Pre-registration is required two weeks in advance. Unfortunately we do not have the 'wiggle room' to place drop-ins (aka. at the door registration) into groups.

Winter Badge Day

Open to all Girl Guides and Scouts Canada participants
1 hour programs
Intro to Shelter Building
After a short lesson about wilderness survival and emergency shelter building, participants will work together to create a shelter out of the materials around them. 
Recommended age: 7-14

Advanced Animal Tracking

Moving beyond the basics of who’s foot left this mark to interpretation of the story within the trail and a discussion on how animal tracking benefits natural science and ecology. 

Ages: 12-17

Compass Orienteering 


In this introduction to compass use participants will learn the parts of a compass, cover how to read and take basic bearings, and set out on an orienteering activity where a compass is your most valuable tool!

Ages: 9-17


Intro to birding

This exciting program will delve into all aspects of the birding world. Students will uncover the myriad of techniques used to identify different species, learn about their habitats, specific needs and current ecological threats.



Intro to Snowshoeing

This program encourages participants to get outdoors and discover the beautiful trails at the Wye Marsh while learning the basics of snowshoeing.



Intermediate Firecraft 
Learn more technical skills of building a fire using alternative fuel and sparking techniques.
Ages: 9-17
1.5 hour programs

Intermediate Snowshoeing

 What better way to combine physical activity with the pursuit of nature? With traditional-style snowshoes strapped to their feet, participants will head out into the snow-covered landscape to discover the many wonders that winter has to offer. They will also play a variety of games and activities designed to help develop balance and coordination skills.
Ages: 9-17


Cross-country Skiing

Not only is it fun, beautiful, and good for your health, cross-country skiing is an exhilarating outdoor activity for all ages and fitness levels. After an introductory lesson to cross-country skiing technique, with an emphasis on group and personal safety, participants are sure to increase their appreciation for winter as they glide their way along our snow-covered track-set ski trails. *This program is dependent on snow, we will have a backup program if there's not a good base of snow.

Ages: 9-17

To read a description of other badge programs offered please see our Guiding Program Guide PDF and Scouting Program Guide PDF. Please note that equipment rentals are an additional fee.


Children Birdwatching

Explore Wye Marsh All Year Round

Our badge and general interest programming is available all year for both day and overnight visits!  Explore our program guides and book your experience at Wye Marsh today.

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