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Why Give to Wye Marsh?

Wetlands are one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and have an extraordinary impact on wildlife, plant life, and water quality. As a “classroom” wetlands teach about our natural heritage and our natural resources.

And yet 70% of Canada’s wetlands have disappeared due to environmental stressors such as land development, upstream runoff, and invasive species.

This makes the Wye Marsh an ecological jewel to be conserved at all costs – for the quality of water in the Georgian Bay watershed; for the fourteen threatened and endangered species that call the Wye Marsh home and; for the education of future generations.

The Friends of Wye Marsh Planned Giving program offers ideas and arrangements through which you can provide the means to long term sustainable conservation efforts while meeting your person financial and philanthropic goals.

Together our legacy can be more than just the conservation of the Wye Marsh. Our legacy can be a whole new generation that is committed to the conservation of our natural heritage and natural resources.

The Future of Wye Marsh is in Your Hands. Plan your legacy today. Here’s how:

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