Raptor Rendezvous

Raptor Experience


This 1 1/2 hour program is designed to give visitors an exclusive opportunity to spread their wings and dive deeper into the fascinating world of raptors. This program is deisgned for adults. If you have a group of children under 8, please consider our "Feather Get-together" program instead. 

The Raptors Rendezvous experience allows an up-close encounter with some of the Wye Marsh’s spectacular hawks, owls and falcons. This experience offers a personalized introduction to the amazing world of birds of prey and depending on the time of your program and your level of interest, you will get a behind the scenes peek at feeding, health-care, training, socialization and a behind the scenes tour of the facility. To top off this truly unique experience you will also be provided the opportunity to hold and witness the flight of some of Wye Marsh's Animal Ambassadors. With the aid of Animal Care Staff participants may also have the opportunity to experience flying a Raptor. This provides a great chance for photos to remember the experience by for years to come.

Booking Infomation:

Raptor Rendezvous are available to book from May- September. 

The cost for a Raptor Rendezvous is as follows: $120 for 1 guest, $180 for 2 guests, $220 for 3-5 guests, $300 for 6-7 guests, or $350 for 8-9 guests. This includes admission to Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre for the day.

... or please contact us at 705-526-7809 x220 or JRumney@wyemarsh.com.

For Frequently Asked Questions about a Raptor Rendezvous Experience at Wye Marsh, please click here.

Please note that the Raptor Rendezvous is not intended to be a Birds of Prey photography workshop, it is an educational experience with opporunities for photos.