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Gordon Black Memorial Camp Fund Sponsorship Helps Children Through Local Charities

To children, summer camp is more than just a fun experience. Camp is a place where they can make new friends, learn new skills, build confidence and explore new interests.  But for many children, summer camp is an experience their parents cannot afford. The Gordon Black Memorial Camp Sponsorship Fund provides children in our community with more access to the Wye Marsh Summer Camp so that we can build a stronger, healthier community.  The G.B.M.C Fund partners with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Kinark Child & Family Services and the Children’s Aid Society to give children the opportunity to escape, explore and experience a week of summer camp.  A gift of $200 will send a child from our community to camp for a week.  Donate today and give a child the experience that will last a lifetime. 

Gordon Black Memorial Camp Sponsorship Fund

"There are so many positive outcomes for children and youth who are engaged in outdoor activities. These include health benefits of increased heart rate, immune system, physical activity and overall good health, while decreasing obesity.  Mental health benefits can include such things as improved self esteem and quality of life, as well as a decrease in depression, anxiety and stress. The social benefits of recreation include increased concern and appreciation for our environment and an increase in our connectiveness with each other, while deterring negative behaviors. Recreation programs offer cost-effective means to promote cultural diversity stimulate a greater acceptance of others and build better and more livable communities."
Bernadette Copeland, Recreation Coordinator
Kinark Child and Family Services


“The camps have helped him so much. Not only did the camp give him a way to spend his time this summer, other than play video games, it gave him new friends, knowledge he will use and even pass onto his own child someday. But most importantly it gave him an accomplishment, something to be proud of. And for a child like him, who has some self esteem issues, the sense of accomplishment and pride is a priceless gift indeed. So once again our family would like to say thank-you!”  

“I would really like to thank you and the sponsorship program for sending him to this camp. Without it he would not have been able to go. I think it was an important week for him and it would have been unfortunate if he had missed the opportunity. H e had such a good time and learned so much and without you and the sponsorship it wouldn’t have happened.”

About Gordon Black

As an underprivileged child Gordon Black did not have the opportunity to participate in summer camp. Margaret, his wife, felt that a summer camp sponsorship fund would be a wonderful tribute to her late husband. Margaret and their daughter Emily enjoyed visiting the Wye Marsh as a family and have many fond memories of Gordon exploring the Marsh. Since 2003, gifts to the Gordon Black Memorial Fund have sent over 200 disadvantaged children to Wye Marsh’s Camp for one week during the summer. This year many children need our help. Please consider sponsoring a child for one week.

Gordon BlackMargaret & Emily Black