Guided Tours

A great way to explore Wye Marsh is by taking one of our naturalist-led tours.

Whether it is a one hour tour through the canoe channel or three hour guided snowshoe tour guests will be able to explore further and experience more of Wye Marsh. 
Ecotours give participants the opportunity to be emersed in nature. Each of the experiences are different not only because of the seasons but also the ecosystems that you will be crossing are very unique. 
Snowshoe ecotours take you through our forest, along a path that is not frequently travelled, coming up close to animal tracks, the odd deer (depending on how quiet you are on your trip) and even the den of a porcupine.  Three hour Kayak Ecotours take you through the cattail marsh giving you the opportunity to see the life that still survives in a land that is almost entirely wet.  Get the rare opportunity to see a Least Bittern (if you are lucky and super quiet) holding onto cattails like its using a pair of stilts, or perhaps see a pair of Trumpeter Swans swimming about in the marsh. 
Tours are subject to change and availabilty. Please note that above a humidex of 34°C, guided tours will be cancelled. Please call 705-526-7809 if you would like to confirm that tours are running.