Our Story

The Wye Marsh Nature Centre was opened in 1969 as a nature centre operated by Environment Canada (EC).

In 1985, EC turned operations over to Friends of the Wye Marsh (FWM) and entered into a lease agreement between FWM and EC. FWM have operated the Wye Marsh Nature Centre since 1985 as a registered not-for-profit corporation.

FWM is committed to connecting people with nature and promoting an understanding of the vital role wetlands play within the environment. Staff and volunteers are dedicated to conserving the Wye Marsh and the natural heritage of the Wye Valley while providing low impact educational, recreational and research opportunities to benefit present and future generations.

As a non-profit organization we rely on the income generated from tourism, donations, group bookings, fundraising (grants/special events), and an active group of volunteers to fulfill the stewardship commitments of the Wye Valley and to sustain the day to day operations of the Wye Marsh.

Connecting with the community is very important to the FWM. Our aim is to continue a year-round fully integrated series of educational experiences to ensure people understand the significance of protecting the environment, specifically the Wye Valley.

The stewardship of the Wye Valley and the delivery of effective programming are dependent upon healthy relationships between key managing partners. These partners include, the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Canadian Wildlife Service, Ducks Unlimited Canada and the FWM. All partners play an equal but varied role in managing the Wye Valley to ensure the long term benefit and health of the Marsh.