If you are  interested in contacting our Board, please email info@wyemarsh.com.

Board of Directors


Rick Brady, President

 Rick retired from Government Service at the end of December 2017, having   served with the OPP, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and ended his   career with the Ministry of the Attorney General. He volunteered in the archives   at the Royal Botanical Gardens and was also employed there as a Visitor   Experience Host.

 Rick has been coming to the Georgian Bay area since 1973. He and his wife   moved to Honey Harbour in June 2021 and rented there while house hunting.   They found their home in Penetang and moved there in December 2021. They   have family in Lafontaine, Midland, Coldwater and Honey Harbour.

  Rick is an avid bicyclist and enjoys hiking and photography. For Rick, the Wye Marsh is a special place which deserves our respect and care.


Tory Salisbury, Vice President 

 Tory has several years professional experience working with clients in the private   and not-for-profit sectors in strategic planning and project management as a   Consultant, Facilitator and Instructor. Her work has taken her across Canada, the   U.S., and the U.K. Her passion is to facilitate the process required to go from   strategy to execution.

 Tory has also taught for major corporations and universities in the areas of leadership, communication and project/process management, designing and delivering customized course curriculum and speaking at conferences and workshops.

Tory lives in Penetanguishene and has spent many years sailing and boating the beautiful waters of Georgian Bay. She enjoys biking, walking, and exploring the magnificent scenery and landscape of the Wye Marsh and our surrounding communities.


Alexandra Seaton, Secretary

 Alexandra is recently retired from 30 plus years as a family law  lawyer in   Toronto.  She saw much strife and conflict in those years and welcomes the   opportunity to use those skills for the good of the environment and the   Community.  The conflict of constant encroachment of development on   Wye Marsh and marshlands throughout the world is real and devastating and   requires us all to stand up against it.  Alexandra is pleased and honoured to be   accepted as a member, volunteer and member of the Friends of Wye Marsh Inc.   Board of Directors.


Jana Luker, Director

  With a background in University Administration, upon retirement Jana Luker        was drawn to Midland and the Wye Marsh, having spent much her childhood just  down the road. Appreciating that the Marsh provides a wind & storm buffer, as        well as wildlife nurseries, and flood control, she reasoned that it was a good time    to give back to this local gem as well as to the wider community.When not on          Georgian Bay sailing, Jana attempts triathlons and sings in the local Shout Sister    choir. She lives with her long suffering spouse in Midland and misses her adult  daughters terribly.



Rebecca Cowie, Director

A passion for snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and hiking introduced Rebecca to the Wye Marsh. Upon graduating from the Masters of Applied Nutrition Program at the University of Guelph Rebecca returned to the Midland area to work in healthcare and promptly obtained a membership to the Wye Marsh to enjoy outdoor activities year-round with a camera in hand alongside her family, and her Shetland Sheepdog, Cassie.

Prior to returning to the Midland area Rebecca worked as a post-secondary educator at Conestoga College; committed to developing educational materials and fostering a positive learning environment. With this experience Rebecca strives to assist with current education programs and development of resources available to visitors.


Stephanie Zoschke, Director

Stephanie has worked as a Senior Environmental Officer, Environmental Compliance Supervisor, and now as an Environmental Strategist with a passion for preserving and promoting our natural environment. Stephanie has experience as an outdoor educator and believes in the Wye Marsh as a huge ecological asset for the local community. Stephanie holds a diploma in Environmental Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Protection and enjoys continuously learning new skills.

Stephanie grew up in the Midland where she frequently visited the Wye Marsh growing up. Currently a resident of Severn with her rescue dog Mille, Stephanie enjoys hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing (she boasts the trails at the Wye are her favorite!), backcountry camping, and climbing mountains whenever possible. She hopes to contribute to the longevity of Wye Marsh for years to come.


Susan Molenda, Director

 Susan is a newly retired Executive from Nestle Purina Petcare where she was the   Vice President of Marketing, overseeing areas of strategic planning, product   development, advertising,  events and  consumer research. She also had a unique   opportunity to bring a not-for-profit Pet Experience Centre to life in 2004 -2014   called PawsWay In downtown Toronto.   

 Susan grew up in Penetanguishene, raised her 3 children in Newmarket and after   retirement, as  returned to the area full time, residing in Victoria Harbour. Susan   is an outdoor enthusiast for hiking, biking, kayaking, boating, skiing and   snowshoeing which brings her to the Wye Marsh often.