About Wye Marsh

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is a not-for-profit, charitable organization spanning 3,000 acres of National Wildlife Area and Provincially Significant Wetlands and woodlands in Tay, Ontario in the Heart of Georgian Bay. These wetlands are home to a number of diverse species, including listed species such as Blanding’s Turtles and Trumpeter Swans.  Visitors, groups, and students take part in exciting seasonal based programming from canoeing through the cattail channels to snowshoeing the forest trails. Wye Marsh’s Outdoor Educators facilitate programs for students of all ages both on and offsite. The Captive Wildlife Care department at Wye Marsh hosts 12 birds of prey, 6 turtles, and 2 snakes who cannot be released into the wild and require specialized care. Species monitoring, developing pollinator friendly spaces, and invasive species control are among the stewardship initiatives undertaken by Wye Marsh staff and volunteers. Wye Marsh also hosts major events seasonally, as well as workshops monthly to encourage learning and excitement about the natural world around us. It is through all of this that Wye Marsh strives to insight a wonderment of the environment in each visitor, and foster environmental stewardship.