What's Happening at Wye Marsh?

Spring Events - March - June

Spring time at the Marsh re-juvenates all the senses! From the sweet tastes and smells of maple syrup to the exciting sounds and sights of the Marsh's inhabitants waking up, we have plenty to uncover over the next few months!

​Summer Events - July & August

Uncover our wetland & woodlands this summer through guided tours, family programming, fun events and informative workshops!  Programming is offered daily!

Fall Events - September - November

Witness the special transformations that occur at the Wye Marsh throughout the autumn season, from the emergence of turtle hatchlings to the variety of migratory species! 


Winter Events - December - February

From cross-country skiing and snowshoeing to animal tracking and bannock roasting, winter time at the Wye Marsh will give you plenty of opportunities to stay warm throughout our coldest months!