Escape, explore and experience the best of nature at your next birthday party.

Nuts for Nature Birthday Party Package, $195.00 

  • Up to 10 children and 2 Adults (additional partiers are $9.50+hsteach)
  • Two hours of  nature programming (see program choices below)
  • One hour room rental for snacks/presents/cakes etc. 
  • Parents (and other family members) dropping partiers off are welcome to purchase a discounted general admission pass at the front desk for $9.50+hst so they can have some fun exploring on their own!

Choose from the following 1or 2 hr nature programs

Birds of Prey Show (1hr): This exciting program will give participants the opportunity to be brought face-to-face with the grace, majesty, power and intelligence of hawks and owls. Participants will learn all about the different types of birds of prey, their habitats, adaptations and life histories, all the while being delighted by these magnificent animals in flight.
**Premium program additional $50 fee 

Wet n Scaly Show (1hr): This exciting program provides participants with the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of Ontario's native snake and turtle species. Participants will learn plenty of fun facts and identification tips, as well as discover the importance of environmental stewardship and the role that they can play in helping Ontario's Species at Risk. 
**Premium program additional $50 fee   

Discovery Hike (1hr): Perfect for any age!  Visit the swan treatment centre, the observation tower and the floating boardwalk with your guide interpreting points of interest along the way!

Animal Tracking (2 hr): Abundant in numbers, but very rarely seen, Wye Marsh’s inhabitants have left stories of their travels behind in the snow. Designed to kindle awareness and understanding of Ontario’s winter-active mammals, this program focuses on identifying animal tracks and scats, as well as animal adaptations, behaviours and winter survival techniques.

Animal Games (1hr): Games, games, and more games!  Participants will learn to appreciate the diversity of form and function in the animal world as they investigate animal adaptations, habitat needs, and stewardship initiatives. Educational, kinetic and fun, this program is sure to get its participants actively engaged in the lives of the animals that call Ontario home.

Bannock Roasting (1hr):  Bannock has been a staple food of wilderness explorers for centuries. Portable, nutritious, tasty and easy to make, bannock’s legendary reputation continues as one of the best wilderness survival foods out there, not to mention a fun and engaging mid-day snack. 

Marsh Exploration by Canoe (1hr):  There is no better way to explore the Wye Marsh ecosystem than seated among friends in one of our large voyageur-style canoes. After a brief lesson on paddling technique and canoe safety, participants will paddle past blooming water lilies, basking turtles, and a beaver lodge, as jewel-winged damselflies and Red-winged Blackbirds fly overhead.
Available May-October.**Premium program additional $50 fee (+ $5 for each individual over 10 participants)  

Dipnetting (1hr):  With dip nets in hand, participants will learn about the many amazing adaptations the aquatic insects of the marsh possess, as well as what these insects can tell us about the water quality of the marsh. Participants will also learn about the interconnectedness of all of the marsh inhabitants as they simulate an aquatic food web, and explore the surrounding habitat by foot.
Available May-October.

Snowshoeing (2hr): What better way to combine physical activity with the pursuit of nature? With traditional-style snowshoes strapped to their feet, participants will head out into the snow-covered landscape to discover the many wonders that winter has to offer. Participants will also play a variety of games and activities designed to help develop balance and coordination skills.
$3 equipment rental fee. Trail condition dependant! 

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