Corporate Meetings and Events

Corporate Programs at Wye Marsh are as unique and refreshing as the natural surroundings.

For more information or to speak to someone about a booking, please contact or 705-526-7809 x200. 

With the guidance of our knowledgeable staff each activity is designed to facilitate your ability to better connect, learn and grow with your co-workers and staff. Hosting a corporate team building event or an off-site meeting at Wye Marsh allows you and your team to break from day-to-day business activities and distractions, to focus on developing stronger group connections and corporate initiatives.

Team Challenges

Team Building (2hrs)*

Your staff will be presented with a series of creative physical and mental challenges designed to improve teamwork skills, break down barriers and stereotypes, as well as improve confidence and personal character development. Increasing in difficulty as the sessions progresses, these challenges will demand strategic thinking, effective communication, leadership, trust and above all cooperation.

Wilderness Survival (2hrs)

Divided into competing survival squads, staff will be required to build a shelter, start a fire, boil a liter of water and come up with a creative rescue story. Squads will be assessed based on task efficiency and completion, as well as creativity, communication, and cooperation.



Change of Scenery

Discovery Hike & Canoe (2hrs)

Join Wye Marsh Naturalist on a guided exploration of our biodiverse forest and aquatic habitats. Learn about traditional plant uses, visit the Trumpeter Swan Treatment Centre, and paddle past blooming water lilies, basking turtles, and a beaver lodge, as Redwinged Blackbirds fly overhead.

Summer Ecotour: Kayaking (3hrs)

Few people are awarded the opportunity to paddle into the heart of the Marsh. Treat your staff to this rare and magical natural experience as they navigate their way through cattail channels in your choice of individual kayaks or 8-person voyageur-style canoes. Learn about the Marsh’s designation as an Important Bird Area, visit a heron rookery, and experience first-hand the natural wonders of this ecologically sensitive environment.

Winter Ecotour: Snowshoeing (3hrs)

Experience all that the Wye Marsh has to offer in winter with a Naturalist-led snowshoe hike on our pristine and snow-covered backcountry trails. A perfect blend of physical activity and the pursuit of nature, participants will investigate animal tracks, feed a flock of chickadees, and roast bannock mid-way over an open fire.

Corporate Birds of Prey & Reptile Presentations*

Come face-to-face with the grace, majesty, power and intelligence of birds of prey, or truly get up-close and personal with snakes and turtles. The cornerstone of these exhibits is to inspire an interest and an understanding for the importance for maintaining natural habitats for birds of prey, reptiles and amphibians. This is achieved by allowing participants to personally meet these wonderful animals, initiating a sense of appreciation for the rarity of interacting with indigenous wildlife, either in a controlled environment or sightings in nature. Contact Wye Marsh to learn more about the important role wildlife plays in our natural environment and how we can help ensure their continued existence.

*Programs available offsite.

For more information or to speak to someone about a booking, please contact or 705-526-7809 x200.