Wye Marsh Nature Centre sits on the edge of the Wye Valley, part of the Wye River Watershed that flows into Georgian Bay.

Wye Marsh will continue to conduct/support research on habitats and their related species in the Wye Valley including Species at Risk (SAR), Invasive Species, areas of natural succession, and any other significant species/habitat within the Wye Valley. The information collected will be recorded and will be reported for provincial and national use.

ReasearcherTurtle on Log

Research Objectives:

  • Re-evaluate, re-establish and/or continue long-term research projects conducted at the Wye Marsh.
  • Secure funding and solicit volunteers in order to continue monitoring projects and other yearly studies/programs.
  • Partner with educational institutions on research projects to provide opportunities for students to conduct research relevant to their field of study at the post secondary level.
  • Encourage interested parties (such as post graduate students) to present potential research projects that could benefit the Wye Valley.
  • Secure long term funding to ensure sustainable stewardship practices and management of the Wye Valley.
  • Keep accurate records and reports of all research/stewardship initiatives.

Previous Research