How you can help Wye Marsh.

The Wye Marsh serves the community by conserving an ecologically significant wetland that is a filter for the Georgian Bay watershed and home to fourteen threatened and endangered species that live here. We provide winter water access and food for Trumpeter Swans and educate the public about the history of the Wye Marsh and its importance as a natural resource.

You can make a lasting difference by helping foster environmental stewardship.


Help revitalize our Animal Embassy!

Let's give Ziibi some space to spread her wings, Darwin a bit of 4-season comfort, and Becker a private place to be "broody" each spring. While our Wye Marsh Animal Embassy meets the basic needs of our Birds of Prey, we would love to do everything we can to ehance each creature's quality of life. Especially when some of them will be with us for another 30, 40, or 50 years!


Memorial Donations

Memorial donations are a meaningful way of remembering a loved one and create a conservation legacy. Your thoughtfulness and support play a significant role in enabling the Wye Marsh to continue environmental and educational programs.

Wye Marsh Adoption Program 

Supporting our mission statement to be a centre of wetland excellence for stewardship, research, and interpretation, this program provides care and enrichment for reptiles and birds of prey who are no longer able to survive in the wild and need our care. The Wye Marsh adoption Program also includes the adoption of benches along the trails.

Gordon Black Memorial Camp Sponsorship Fund

As an underprivileged child, Gordon was not able to participate in summer camp. Margaret, his wife, created this wonderful tribute to her late husband. A gift of $200 will enable an underprivileged child in our community to come to camp for one week.

Plan a gift for the future of Wye Marsh

Together our legacy can be more than just the conservation of the Wye Marsh. Our legacy can be a whole new generation that is committed to the conservation of our natural heritage and natural resources.

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