Raptor Rendezvous Reservation

To book a Raptor Rendezvous please fill out the form below. A booking confirmation will be processed and sent via email within 2 business days. 

Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until we receive a 50% deposit, which can be processed over the phone by contacting 705-526-7809.

Raptor Rendezvous are available to book from May - October.

The cost for a Raptor Rendezvous is $120 for 1 guest, $180 for 2 guests, or $220 for 3-5 guests. This includes admission to Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre for the day.

For Frequently Asked Questions about a Raptor Rendezvous Experience at Wye Marsh, please click here.

Please note, this program only runs May to the end of September. Currently all September weekends are booked however there is weekday avaiability Wednesday to Friday. 

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