Homeschool Programs 

Homeschoolers, unschoolers, or alternative learners, we at Wye Marsh understand and support parents who want to enhance, or are looking to be more meaningfully involved in, their child’s education.

Whether you are looking to supplement your child’s school studies, or if you completely homeschool, our programs and facility are excellent for supporting your learning journey.

Marsh School is a perfect resource for parents wanting to augment their child’s learning, whether they are new and inexperienced to well-seasoned homeschoolers, or families who afterschool their children. Our programs are delivered by fully trained and experienced Outdoor Educators; they are sensitive to all different learning styles, and allow children to learn through play and exploration while connecting to nature.

We all know learning is a lifelong process, and nature has so many lessons to share with us, so why confine yourselves to a classroom.

To learn more, or to book an exciting day of learning at Wye Marsh, please contact our Program and Education Manager at or 705-526-7809 x220 who would be happy to assist you with your planning!