DonateGifts of Securities, Stocks & RSP

Building on tax incentives first introduced in 1997, the Federal Government introduced the complete elimination of tax payable on gifts of public securities on May 2, 2006. This giving option is now even more attractive for donors who may have appreciated stock and want to make a donation from savings rather than cash flow.

Publicly listed securities are all securities listed on Canadian and major international exchanges. The donation must be made "in-kind" to qualify for the capital gains incentive; the security itself must be transferred to the Friends of Wye Marsh, not the cash proceeds from the sale.

If you have appreciated assets that you wish to donate "in-kind," you will receive two kinds of tax savings:

· a tax credit (41% to 48% depending on the province you live in)

· no capital gains paid on the disposition of the stock

Please contact the Wye Marsh should you consider a donation of securities. We can assist you with the information you need to make your gift.

RSPs and RIFs

Your can name the Friends of Wye Marsh as the beneficiary of your RSP or RIF.

Contact us

Kim Hacker, Executive Director at 705-526-7809 ext 201 or

The information provided on these pages is general in nature and not intended to be a substitute for professional legal or financial planning advice. Wye Marsh encourages all donors who are planning a significant gift to seek independent legal and/or financial planning advice.