Wye Marsh's 50th Anniversary Celebration 

Join us to celebrate 50 years of wonderful memories at Wye Marsh on Saturday, September 14th! 

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre is celebrating 50 years of educating and exploring! Since 1969 we have achieved many milestones including our school programs, stewardship initiatives and the Trumpeter Swan re-introduction program. We are hosting a free day for our community to join us in this celebration, and experience all that Wye Marsh has to offer!

  • Guided Eco-Hikes 10am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
    Take a walk on the wild side with our Naturalists, who will guide you through our woodland and wetland trails!  All ages and abilities are welcome, enthusiasm for nature is mandatory!
  • Guided Canoe Tours  10am, 11:15am, 1pm, 2:15pm, 3:30pm
    Paddle through the cattials of Wye Marsh for a different perspective!
  • Birds of Prey Demonstration  1pm
    Meet our Birds of Prey Animal Ambassadors & their keepers in a demonstration about these beautiful birds. 

All activities listed, and admission are FREE on September 14th, 2019.

Looking Back on 50 Years...

Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre officially opened its doors as an educational centre in 1969.

Wye Marsh and other National Wildlife Areas began with a plan by two Canadian Wildlife Service (CWS) biologists, David Munro and Yorke Edwards. Different sites would be chosen to allow for the appreciation of Canada’s ecological stories from each of the biotic regions of the country. In 1967 the land was acquired by Environment Canada (EC), and in 1969 the construction of our centre was completed.  The first years the centre was in operation was under the direction of the CWS.  All was going well until November 1984 when a poorly planned government edict came down from Ottawa closing the centre and its programs.In 1985, EC turned operations over to Friends of the Wye Marsh (FWM) and entered into a lease agreement between FWM and EC. FWM have operated the Wye Marsh Nature Centre since 1985 as a registered not-for-profit corporation. Over the years the importance of the centre as an educational facility has grown, and in 2018 over 3,000 school children either came to the Wye Marsh or one of the centre’s Outdoor Naturalist visited a school, often with one of the Marsh Animal Ambassadors.