Earth Day at Home! 

Earth Day: April 22, 2021
Wye Marsh Earth Day Celebrations: April 25, 2021

Wye Marsh is excited to host Earth Day eCelebrations to help exploreres and naturalists of all ages get outdoors and to enjoy and learn about our incredible planet!

  • Invasive Species Webinar with Bob Bowles - April 25, 2021 @ 11:00am
    Sponsored by Midland Home Hardware Building Centre

    Join Bob Bowles, award-winning writer, artist, photographer and local naturalist for a webinar which will highlight some of the most prominent invasive species that are affecting wetlands like the Wye Marsh. 40 min presentation + 20 min Q&A period. 
    Click here or below to pre-register. Pre-registration is not required, but is encouraged!


For more at home nature-based projects and resources, please visit:

Looking to help stop invasive species? 

Invasive species, both plant and wildlife can be devistaing to the native ecosystems. Invasive speices are species that are introduced to an ecosystem either intentionally or unintentionally; they do not naturally appear in the ecosystem. Invasive speices compete for resources and cause damage to existing populations. To learn more, and for ways to help, click the links below:  

Wye Marsh Virtual Tour - Earth Day 2020:


Look forward to Earth Day 2022:

  • BioBlitzes in different categories like Plants, Amphibians & Birds
    Head out in a group lead by an expert in their field in search of as many species as possible. 
  • Wet n' Scaly Demonstrations
    Meet some of Wye Marsh's Educational Animal Ambassadors like Sonic the Snapping Turtle, or Ginger the Corn Snake, and learn about their habitats and species!
  • Community Invasive Species Pull
    Join staff and volunteers to help remove invasive species from Wye Marsh and learn about the importance of fighting against invasive species!
  • Eco-friendly crafts
  • Seeding Giveaway
  • Visiting Environmental Groups
    Learn about local honey production, wildlife rehabilitation, bat populations, vermi-worm composting, eco-friendly home products, and more from community environmental groups.
  • Plus MUCH MORE!