Christmas Bird Count for Kids - Online!

Here are some activities to participate in a Christmas Bird Count for Kids (CBC4Kids).

What is CBC4Kids?

The Christmas Bird Count for Kids is a fun winter birdwatching event for kids and families. Learn about birds, connect with nature, and become a Citizen Scientist! Explore at home or Wye Marsh to begin a lifelong appreciation for wildlife and our environment.

CBC4Kids is a nationwide event coordinated locally by naturalist groups such as Wye Marsh throughout December and January.

CBC4Kids at Wye Marsh is virtual this year!

How to participate in CBC4Kids @ Home: 

  • Christmas Bird Counts for Kids are recorded on a special tally sheet - where you keep a list of each species you spot, and tally how many birds of each species you see. 

Click here for the CBC4Kids Tally Sheet:

Birding Tool Kit:

  • Dress in layers to stay the perfect temperature while adventuring
  • Something to help you identify the birds you find: an app, a field guide, or print off this list: Click here for a list of birds you might see in Simcoe County
  • Binoculars or something to make the birds easier to see (no need for anything fancy)
  • Tally sheet and pencil or you can submit directly through the app
  • A smile and a sense of adventure

Birding Tips:

  • Be patient, birds can be illusive. 
  • Learn different ways to ID birds - like by their sound, size, and shape. Check out this guide!
  • Try and keep quiet because birds can easily be scared away- sometimes you will hear the birds before you see them. Listen for the birds' songs and all of the sounds of nature. 
  • Try using the shape of the bird rather than the colour to identify, especially when the lighting isn’t perfect
  • See if you can learn some bird songs, you often hear them before you see them
  • Different birds will live in different habitats - some like forests, some like marshes, some like open fields. Think about what type of birds live in the habitat you are in. 
  • Look for some of the signs that birds leave behind like woodpecker holes in trees or nests.
  • Try staying still and wait to see what movement happens around you - do the birds fly from tree to tree?
  • If you would like to attract birds to your own yard, consider a bird seed or suet feeder.
  • Have fun!​


Learn more about the Christmas Bird Count:

Click to learn more about Chirstmas Bird Count for Kids OR watch this video. You can view 2019-2020's Season Summary here.

More birding activities for young citizen scientists: 


Sponsored by Naturehood & Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Thank you!