Hello Everyone! Throughout the year I will be doing several birding trips & "Big Days" around Ontario and Simcoe County. I am hoping to fundraise one dollar per species during these events, and with your support, we will be able to fund some current and new conservation initiatives at the Wye Marsh!

Some upcoming trips I am going on will be Point Pelee (April 30th - May 10th)

Global Big Day at the Wye Marsh May 13th

Simcoe County Big Day on May 21st.

Keep tuned to the links below to keep track of my bird sightings and to stay up to date on any potentially rare sightings:

Birding for Conservation - eBird Trip Report

Global Big Day - May 13th 2023 - eBird Trip Report

2023 Simcoe County Big Day - eBird Trip Report


This past month of May was an amazing whirlwind of birds! In total, I observed 216 species in the month of May. What an amazing month it was! Highlights include Pink-footed Goose, Townsend's Warbler, Willow Ptarmigan, American Avocet, American White Pelican, Black-necked Stilt, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Black-legged Kittiwake and Western Meadowlark, all seen on the 11 day birding bonanza to kick off the start of May!

But as May continued, the surprises were not over yet. A few days after returning from Point Pelee, a Marbled Godwit was reported off of Mckinnon Road. Mckinnon always has a bird or two up it's sleeve and a Black Vulture also made an appearance that day. A few days after that I heard a signing Connecticut Warbler here at the Wye Marsh!! This is a very seldom seen bird and there are not that many records for Simcoe County. And as if that was not enough, Ontario's first observation of a Limpkin was found on, McKinnon Road (go figure!).

I have a link here: World May 2023 Month List - eBird of all my sightings in Ontario for this past May.

Here's to next May!