Monarch Butterflies Part II - Give Monarchs the Royal Treatment

08 Sep 2016

Monarch Butterflies are considered a Species at Risk at both the provincial and federal levels. Although it is encouraging to see that our governments are raising concern over the decline in of Monarch populations, their designation of ‘Special Concern’ does not provide species or habitat protection. 

With the largest threat to Ontario Monarchs being habitat loss and fragmentation at overwintering sites in central Mexico, it is becoming more and more important to become involved with the ‘citizen scientist’ and stewardship movements here at home.   The following are some ways in which you can give Monarchs the royal treat:

Report a Sighting

Be a Good Steward


Tagging Monarchs is one way in which we can better understand Monarch migration and populations.  The data from recaptured Monarchs (Monarch who have been found dead along their migration route) are used to determine the pathways taken by migrating monarchs, the influence of weather on the migration, the survival rate of the monarchs, etc. All of the data is analyzed to test hypotheses concerning Monarch orientation and navigation. For more detailed information on how to order tags, as well as how one goes about tagging check out Monarch Watch link