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Experience the Wye Marsh Midland Ontario Canada Experience the Wye Marsh Midland Ontario Canada Experience the Wye Marsh Midland Ontario Canada
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Experience the Wye Marsh Midland Ontario Canada


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AUGUST 9 & 10


Get Outdoors Festival

Explore one of Ontario's largest wetlands by foot, boat or bike.  There are over 25km of scenic forested trails, floating boardwalks and canoe channels that let you escape into the Wye Marsh and connect with the wildlife that call it home.  Escape on your own or with a naturalist on a guided canoe tour or walking tour.  Experience hummingbird banding and monarch tagging demonstrations, or take part in an interactive workshop on birding or backcountry camping.  See birds of prey soar and learn how to identify native Ontario turtles and snakes in a live animal show.  Experience the best of the outdoors at the Get Outdoors Festival. 



Get Outdoors Festival - August 9 & 10, 2014








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$30 Family Day Pass and Admission Rates



The Get Outdoors Festival provides children, youth and adults with the opportunity to experience a range of outdoor activities in a natural setting, giving visitors exposure to the benefits of being active in nature.  The Get Outdoors Festival is about creating fun and interactive opportunities to inspire people to get outside, get active and enjoy the stunning natural environment so close to home. 

Canadians are spending less time in the outdoors and in contact with nature. The average North American spends 95% of their day indoors, with the average child spending only minutes a day doing an outdoor activity.  This has led to the recognition and rise of nature deficit disorder, which has been identified as having a role to play in the rising rates of depression, attention deficit disorder, Vitamin D deficiency, and child obesity. We want to bring nature back into our lives and give people the opportunity to escape, explore and experience all that nature has to offer

So join us August 9 & 10, 2014 to get paddling, biking, hiking, birding and



Canoe Wye MarshHummingbird banding at Wye MarshBike Wye MarshNature Photography at Wye Marsh


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Enter to WIN a Family Pass to the GET OUTDOORS FESTIVAL through 411ontariokids.com

WIN a Family Pass to Get Outdoors Festival

Day pass includes a guided canoe tour.




Nature Series


Habitat Gardening

August 23, 2014

Habitat Gardening Workshop

































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